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Facebook’s IPO reminds us, it’s all about the paycheck.

Big-news-headline events tend to bring out the worst in sensationalist headlines and journalism, and Facebook’s IPO story is no different.

In this post, we are enlightened as to the “3 ways Facebook plans to exploit you the user, in order to justify their plans to increase revenues, profit, and valuation,” all while “FB users get nothing.” While I wouldn’t put it past Facebook to have some nefarious deeds up it’s sleeves, are we really surprised they are selling and going to sell more of our information so that they can continue to earn (and earn the shareholders) ga-zillions of dollars? Also, did you think when you first signed up for a Facebook account, “Hey, maybe if someday I’ll get a big paycheck for being such a valuable user”?

Well, that thought wasn’t on my mind. If you’re anything like me, you signed up to keep up with friends and to share what’s going on. As indignant as you may be about the news of their exploitation, when they roll out a new nifty feature, you, like me, will likely sign right up, and try to get all your friends to as well. It’s an eco-system. They make you happy, they get paid for the data you willingly give them, and that makes the shareholders happy. They make you mad, or cease to hold value for you, they cease to make money and cease to make the shareholders happy. It’s how business works, folks.

I think if anything, this is a good reminder or learning experience for you as you sign up for new social sites, and give your name and email to every startup’s launch page that pops up. Your interest is what pays the bills… If you don’t want your name/email/interests to be used to conduct business, then you best not use these services.

Many of us at our core, don’t believe we’re exceptional. This is a costly mistake…and it’s the reason we think we need to do something gimmicky in order to stand out. You are exceptional, actually. But you can’t have it both ways. You can’t be in business for very long if you don’t believe in yourself. You can get away with it for a while if you have a huge advertising budget, but even then you have to pick up the slack with actual awesomeness, or it’s all doomed.