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Mia - 1st Day of KindergartenMy oldest daughter, Mia, is starting her first day of kindergarten today. I suspect this fact coupled with Miley Cyrus’s, ummm, performance at the VMAs last night, has made me especially contemplative over the current state of Cyrus’s life (as well as a bit emotional). This article by her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, from 2011, is especially sobering.

I probably don’t need to worry about astronomical fame or anything like that, but there are definitely some parenting principles to be gleaned from their story.


“Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others.”
― Otto von Bismarck

Mia, the Queen of Pretend!

She walks around talking to “gamma” and “ganpa” on the “pone.”  She makes us “cockee” in the mornings.  and she has a “happy to you” for somebody nearly every day.  Sometimes she treats us… she takes her babies and goes to “malmart,” and the park, and on her way home she stops to get us “i-peam” (icecream).  She tells us, “i dance cumiks” (i dance to the music).  i know.. she’s cute. :)