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My Wife’s Testimony

Last night Meagan gave her testimony at Celebrate Recovery. It was awesome! She also, along with Guy Spillers, Justin Paige, Rob Campbell, Devon Brown, and Robbie Austin knocked out an AMAZING music set. Seriously! One of the best i’ve witnessed yet! Anway, what you don’t know is she did all this while feeling quite a bit under the weather… yes, she’s that strong. Last night she gave a testimony that she has come through the realization through CR that she is not perfect. Well, she’s as close as anyone can get! She’s an amazing wife, mother, hair-stylist, pianist, vocalist, daughter, sister, and basketball/volleyball player. ;) Everyone wish her an amazing and wonderful birthday tomorrow! She deserves it!! See her testimony here!

The Art of Blogging

i have a new-found desire to blog…. seems that life throws a lotta stuff at me, and it would kinda be nice to have chronicled hisory of it, ya know??  Can’t say that there will be any real theme, but some common topics will probably include: Generations Church; the church in general, My family, theology, design, Celebrate Recovery, musings on life, and so on, etc, etc…