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Thanks everybody!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my use of social media and my bookmarks. There are so many articles, videos, quotes, etc that I want a record of that’s in an organized fashion. For a while, I’ve been using this blog as a way to store my favorite internetty things. I have a few IFTTT recipes that automatically post favorite videos from youtube and vimeo, and favorite tweets from twitter.

I think I’m going to take that concept to the next level and save groups of information about a certain topic to categories.. or maybe a tag. I’m not sure yet. This way I can keep track of the things that are influential to me for topics like the Affordable Care Act, or issues around gun control, etc.

Like most of the content on this site, this probably doesn’t interest you, but it’s going to be a great resource and reference for me as I parse issues and want to discuss them with others.

And hey, maybe you’ll find something here that you can bookmark/tweet/share/talk about, etc.

Mia - 1st Day of KindergartenMy oldest daughter, Mia, is starting her first day of kindergarten today. I suspect this fact coupled with Miley Cyrus’s, ummm, performance at the VMAs last night, has made me especially contemplative over the current state of Cyrus’s life (as well as a bit emotional). This article by her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, from 2011, is especially sobering.

I probably don’t need to worry about astronomical fame or anything like that, but there are definitely some parenting principles to be gleaned from their story.


“Fools learn from experience. I prefer to learn from the experience of others.”
― Otto von Bismarck

Two things I don’t understand about @klout.

Why they need me to enter my name to sign up for Perks (clearly they know it), and what algorithm they use to determine topics that we’re influential about. 75% of the influential topics seem to be bogus.
My 3rd most influential topic right now is Superman. Why? because I tweeted a Chuck Norris joke involving Superman that was RT’d quite a bit:

So why am I not influential about Chuck Norris? Is it because no one is allowed to be influential about Chuck Norris unless he allows it?



It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just got to fight your way through. – Ira Glass

I really liked the video, nice to have it in type form!