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I’m a native Minnesotan who now resides in beautiful Southport, North Carolina. I’m a cross between a family man & a world-traveler (I’m hoping to get to the world-traveler part someday). I love my wife, Meagan Sternberg who is the best half, my daughter Mia who has such an amazing personality that cannot be described in the space allotted here, my precious middle child, (Virginia) Jewel, & my baby –who’s no longer a baby– boy, Joseph Marshall!

Generations Church is a huge part of my and my family’s life. I and my wife Meagan are involved with worship & are leaders for Celebrate Recovery there.

I’m an Apple & Google fanboy who loves building things including but not limited to: furniture, treehouses, websites & WordPress plugins. I also have a special passion (in no particular order) for: WordPress, spray painting, playing music, leading worship, sushi, tools, photography, Legos, and the color blue. 

I am currently a software developer, and product development manager at Awesome Motive. Come work with me!

I’ve been using WordPress since 2.9, have many publicly available plugins on wordpress.org, have contributed to three a number of WordPress releases, and help contribute to other codebases (most notably CMB2). You can find all sorts of code examples and projects I’m involved with over on my projects page.

I keep used to keep most of my technical stuff over at https://dsgnwrks.pro, so please pay a visit if you’re interested in that sorta thing.

I am the co-host of the “How I See It” podcast with my good friend Mark Pratt. You can find it here: https://howiseeit.click

I also have a page that lists many of my favorite (and recommended) things. You should check it out.

But enough about me… What about you?

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