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I’m a native Minnesotan who now resides in beautiful Southport, North Carolina. I’m a cross between a family man & a world-traveler (I’m hoping to get to the world-traveler part someday). I love my wife, Meagan Sternberg who fills the holes that I leave empty, my daughter Mia who has such an amazing personality that cannot be described in the space allotted here, my precious middle child, (Virginia) Jewel, & my baby –who’s no longer a baby– boy, Joseph Marshall!

Generations Church is a huge part of my and my family’s life. I and my wife Meagan are involved with worship & I am the Ministry Leader for the Celebrate Recovery there.

I’m an Apple & Google fan boy who loves building things including but not limited to: furniture, treehouses, websites & WordPress plugins. I also have a special passion (in no particular order) for: WordPress, spray-painting, Photoshop, sushi, Milwaukee tools, photography, Legos, and the color blue. I painted houses for a bunch of years before getting into code, which taught me a lot about a lot, but mostly gave me mad painter skills. :)

Thankfully I’m no longer painting, but am a software developer, primarily working with WordPress.

I’ve been using WordPress for about six years, have nine many publicly available plugins on wordpress.org, have contributed to three a number of WordPress releases, help contribute to other codebases (most notably CMB2), & a developer at Awesome Motive. You can find all sorts of code examples and projects I’m involved with over on my projects page.

I keep most of my technical stuff over at https://dsgnwrks.pro, so please pay a visit if you’re interested in that sorta thing.

I also have a page that lists many of my favorite (and recommended) things. You should check it out.

But enough about me.. What about you?


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