i know, i know… it’s definitely time for an update… so here one is. We went to the American Idol Concert on Sunday, and it was a blast… Taylor really is the winner… he has soooo much talent! Anyway, i’ll post pics ‘o that later. For now go check out the website bethanyblairdesigns.com. It’s pretty much up and running and has a substantial gallery page of stuff we’ve done. Right now, we’re working on a page for ZsaZsaZsu Day Spa, so when that’s up and running, i’ll put a link, too. You can also check out Lighthouse Painting… we’ve added some stuff since my first post about it. For anyone who’s into Piper and Itunes… check out the podcast, Desiring God Radio. Or just do a search for “Desiring God” in Itunes….. Umm, so that’s it for now… Peace out.

Oh hey… if anyone has a sweet Mac Laptop they wanna sell me for a great deal, email me. :o)