I’m not sure how everyone uses social media so I’ll speak for myself. I like the fact that I can stay in touch with my friends/family and even people I’ve never met. I enjoy hearing what interests them, understanding their perspective and even to a small degree finding out what irks them. I like the fact that people are willing to take time to share with the world, and me, what’s up.
I have a hard time reading social media updates that primarily focus on the negative. I know I’m saying this at risk of complaining myself, but really for me, it’s just my way of saying, “hey, I like hanging out with you, but i can only take so much negativity.” I recognize that I have the choice to follow or not, but I think I speak for most of your and my friends/followers… They’re following for a reason, but that reason probably is not to listen to me complain.
So there’s a good chance I’ll be making some cuts in the next few weeks. This is probably why.
Thanks for listening to my complaint. ;)
Philippians 4:8