Thoughts On HP, The TouchPad, & The Tech Industry In General

Qick Summary of the HP Shenanigans:

My thoughts:

Apparently, there’s a market for $99 tablets. (either that or there’s a market for drama.. marketing food for thought) If a manufacturer can figure that out, they’ll probably have a profitable product.

There’s still a huge market for non-Mac pc’s. Why? Because, among other reasons, they’re much cheaper, and offer an interface and name that people are familiar with, Windows. Why is no one capitalizing on that? How many schools/students would buy a windows based $99 tablet?

I’m tired of the IBM/Microsoft/Google/HP/etc. crowd just trying to emulate Apple… Yes I love Apple, but i don’t like the idea of Apple holding all of the innovation.
It’s called a monopoly, and i’m afraid that’s just what Apple has when it comes to practical, well-designed, easy-to-use gadgets.

My thoughts about the matter can be summed up with this post. (disclaimer: sorry, post is slightly NSFW: contains vulgarity, and strong language)