Our Jewel

Jewel made it through major surgery today. 8 screws later, her upper femur is now, once again, firmly attached. It’s been a rough couple days/nights, but Jewel is and always has been a champ.

Due to some fibrous dysplasia in her bones, it fractured while doing some routine 7-year-old dancing/running. The doctors have warned us for a few years that it was a potential possibility but that you can’t keep kids from being kids, and well, I’m thankful for doctors who know what they’re talking about and know what they are doing. I’m so very thankful for UNC Chapel Hill and their professional and top-notch care.

And we’re supremely grateful for our friends and family members who have poured out their prayers and support to us and our children. Joseph said today was “the best day ever”, so he must not be missing us too terribly.

And because of the possible outcomes, I can’t describe the gratitude for our loving Heavenly Father, who by his grace, has been with us and Jewel the entire time and allowed this outcome, a successful and “uneventful” surgery.

When they pulled her back to the OR, away from us and our our ability to do anything more for her, Deuteronomy 31:6 came to my mind, “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” — and I held onto that promise for Jewel.

We couldn’t be in there with her, but the keeper of the stars, the one who ordained this surgeon’s passion for medicine umpteen years ago so he’d be ready for this day, the one who designed the subatomic structure of her bones, and the one who loves her beyond even my capacity to understand… he was there with her. She was and is in good hands.

We’ll have some weeks of recovery, and there will be some rough spots, but for now, I’m feeling thankful to be thankful. Love that girl. ❤️❤️❤️

8 thoughts on “Our Jewel

  1. Jewel is such a strong girl and for whatever reason, God has entrusted her with the task of making this difficult journey. He’s also entrusted her to the only two people uniquely designed to love and guide her through it. Love you guys!

  2. Been praying like crazy for Jewel. She is precious to all of us and especially precious to God. A jewel in His crown. Thanks for the updates and I will continue to pray. 😊

  3. In prayer for Jewel in Jesus name. She along with your other children hold a special place in my heart. God has her covered.

  4. Wow Justin….that was so awesome. Tears and more tears. You guys, you’re entire family are proof of God’s amazing awesomeness. You all shine and are beacons of light for Jesus and that light shines as proof for so many people. Praying for a quick recovery for beautiful Jewel.