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Operation Desk: DIY desk and shelves

I decided to build a desk since the prices of nice desks are astronomical, and since I wanted it to be a custom fit for me. I knew I wanted more desk space, but didn’t want to necessarily build a giant desk, so I opted instead to build two side shelves that could serve as an extension to the desk. This is super convenient if I ever needed to use the desk in a smaller location or if I wanted to position the shelves differently.

Since it’s a style i’m familiar with (and like), I decided to build it using a similar technique to how I built the media cabinets, and the tv stand. The main difference being that I wanted to stain this piece, so would need to have a better solution for the nail/screw holes. I ended up buying a pocket hole jig from lowes, and that solved the issue (almost) perfectly. Since pocket holes aren’t quite as strong, I had to do some additional reinforcement on the desk legs to keep them straight.

I had a few mishaps along the way and not everything lines up perfectly, but overall I’m really happy with how this project came out. Below are some pictures of the project in progress, and completed.

Because no DIY project would be complete without before pictures. ;)


Phase 1: Build it

Phase 2: The finish

Phase 3: Putting it all together

Probably 5 too many pictures, but what the heck.

Gratuitous details