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Armless dogs manipulated robotic rats with little squirt-guns filled and stuffed with C-4 explosives. Little chickadees cried because why would rats disintegrate so suddenly? I put my finger-wrapped bacon on the Communist bird-feeder speckled with little rats’ babies’ pellets. Surprisingly, the Calvinist caterpillars, a.k.a. “tenured men,” were eating C-4.

Nearby, armless dogs devoured little nubs of finger-wrapped bacon. Of course, pellets taste disgusting and chickadees prefer either Calvinist caterpillars or Communist dictators. Courageously jiggling, baby chickadee realized without C-4, their chances diminished greatly.

Alas, angry and illuminated, the armless dogs crumbled under intense miscommunication!

The result of a “go around the room and add one word to the story” experiment some friends and i did a while ago and the blog we created to contain these literary masterpieces, “The Moral of the Story.”

So what is the moral of this story?

Feel free to enlighten us in the comments. :)