Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we went with Phil and Holly and Noelle and spent a fun and relaxing day on Bald Head Island. Holly and Noelle had never been there, and Meagan didn’t get to see very much when she went. Keith took us over there in the morning in the boat. We drove around for a while showing them some parks and stuff, including the turtle pond where we saw an aligator, then we ate at the market, and we walked on the beach for a while. We walked down to the Cape Fear Point which is the southeast corner of the island that juts out. There’s a big pool that forms on the cape when the tide goes down, so there was people swimming it. We wished we would’ve brought our suits! Anyway, Noelle loved walking through the waves! i think Holly will post a video or two of that. Afterwards we drove over to Old Baldy lighthouse and Meagan and i climed all 108 tall steps to the top and took some pics. When we finished we took the Ferry home. It was a good Memorial Day.

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